We want you to stand out

Unmet needs. Sometimes we can be a bit obsessive about them. It is quite a challenge in the care industry to offer a product that is different and unique. Retailers and brands often sell the same selection of products. How can we help you to stand out? We always start off with the Pharma Source principles.

The Pharma Source principles


We create solutions

At Pharma Source we translate consumer needs into non-presciption medical devices that can solve physical discomforts: disorders that can be diagnosed and treated by the consumer himself.

At this point we’ve successfully produced medical solutions for allergy problems, dermatology, cough and cold and oral care. Think of devices for fungal nail, wart, corn, callus, mouth ulcers, vaginal bacteriosis and so on. We didn’t do that on our own, however. For every single project we deploy a network of experts and specialised partners.

Our team is proud of the innovations that it has developed so far, but we still believe the best is yet to come. Therefore, we continue to invest in market research and product development. There is always a way to do it better. We love to find that way.


We have the highest quality standards

As product development and production are our core business, quality management is incorporated from concept to delivery. That quality is secured by our ISO 13485 certification, the strictest quality standard for Medical Device development and handling.

Operational affairs are outsourced within a contracted network of leading and specialized laboratories and contracted manufacturers in The Netherlands and other EU countries, all of which are certified with ISO 13485, GMP and GLP. This allows us to maintain the highest standards related to safety and clinical evaluation.

Pharma Source is highly involved in the production and supply of our active ingredients and components to guarantee top (pharma) quality.


We work with you

Do you have an idea, a new product or packaging innovation on your mind? Do you want to strengthen your position in a specific healthcare category? Share it with us. No matter the question, we always strive to have a quick and adequate answer. Even at an early stage.

Due to our effective business operation we can offer attractive prices for an all-in-one solution. Our strengths and services include product development, registration, production and distribution.

Are you interested in collaborating with us and adding value to your business? Please get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of a solid and enjoyable partnership.

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